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  • Authorized DataDot Reseller
    We are an authorized reseller and installer of DataDot products.
  • Working with Local Law Enforcement
    Our system instantly communicatyes with local law enforcement
  • Affordable Monthly Subscriptions
    Affordable monthly subscriptions to our Customers and Dealers

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CrimeDot is a Personal Property Recovery System. The system is a Web-driven database system where our Customers, e.g. Private Individuals and Businesses, can have their personal property marked with DataDot's and then added to our database.

Our Dealers (e.g. Second Hand Goods Dealers) will then have access to this database and will be able to check if an item is DataDot protected. In the event a person trying to sell the item is not the registered owner, the real owner and local Police is notified via SMS/WhatsApp.


Authorised DataDot Reseller & Installer


Assessment & Installation done on-site


Affordable DataDot Packages available


Our system is Web-based & Mobile Friendly

Secure Data

Data is securely stored & kept private

Secure Payments

Secure & Easy Online Payments via SagePay


Customers can access to their data 24/7


Customers are notified instantly of incidents


Police notified instantly of suspected crime


Dealers have access to complete database

DataDot Check

Dealers can verify item's DataDot owner

Save Money

Dealers save money lost on stolen goods


A brief description of our services...

Customer Assessment

We do all our assesments & installations at our customer's premises. Anyone, may it be a private idividual or business, who needs to have their personal property protected by the DataDot system, can contact us for an assesment and quotation.

Customer Profiles

Once the assesment is completed and the quotation is accepted, customers may register for free and create their own profiles, which will include their personal details and a list of items to be DataDot protected.

DataDot Installation

Once the Customer Profile has been created, and the list of personal items completed, our team will go to the customer premises and install the DataDots on the requested items. This process is done by spraying the micro dot on the items.

Event Notofications

In the event that a customer's item(s) have been stolen, the customer can log into his/her profile and flag the item(s) as stolen. This will automatically alert all our Dealers to be on the lookout for these items, and the Police notified of possible suspects.

DataDot Registry

Our DataDot Registry is a web-based database registry that contain records of our Customer personal property. Our Dealers and the SAPD will have full access 24/7 to this registry to verify ownership of the listed Customer personal property.

Incident Reports

Our system has reporting features that can generate Incident Reports in the event of an attempt by a suspect to sell stolen property to one of our registered Dealers. Reports on stolen goods are also avaliable for submission to Insurance firms.

Local Law Enforcement

Each of our Dealers can set up various contacts for our Instant Event Notification system via SMS and WhatsApp. These contacts will include the local SAPD and Neighbourhood Watch.

Insurance Discount

We are in the process of negotiating deals with Insurance companies to offer discount on Insurance of goods protected by DataDot. These discounts may vary depending on the Insurance company.


Following are some of the DataDot Products we use... (Images by


Subscription & DataDot Installation pricing...

DataDot Installation

From R350.00 / once off

  • Free Assessment
  • Free Quotation
  • On-site Installation

Dealer Subscription

R300.00 / per month

  • Dealer Profile Access 24/7
  • Search DataDot Registry
  • Send Customer/Police Alerts
  • Incident Reports
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